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Nghị Quyết của Phó Thị Trưởng Kimberly Hồ phản đối hành vi đổi tên Thành Phố Westminster thành TP Hồ Chí Minh của Nghị Viên Tài Đỗ

Kính thưa toàn thể Quí Vị,
Đây là nội dung Nghị Quyết của tôi được công bố trong phiên họp đặc biệt của TP Westminster ngày 19/6/2019 cực lực lên án hành vi vô trách nhiệm và thiếu đạo đực của Nghị Viên Tài Đỗ đã bôi nhọ thanh danh của cộng đồng Người Mỹ gốc Việt và Đồng Hương cư ngụ tại TP Westminster nói riêng và toàn thể Hải Ngoại trên thế giới nói chung.

Chúng tôi kêu gọi toàn thể quí vị hảy ủng hộ và phổ biến rộng rải Nghị Quyết này nhằm chấm dứt mọi mưu toan làm lợi cho Cộng Sản và làm suy yếu tinh thần chống cộng của Người Việt Quốc Gia tại Hải Ngoại.

Trân Trọng,

Dr. Kimberly Hồ
Phó Thị Trưởng
Thành Phố Westminster


Whereas, a large number of Westminster residents risked their lives to escape from communist-occupied Vietnam following the fall of Saigon in 1975, and for this reason they despise and reject the current dictatorial rule of the Vietnamese Communist Party;

Whereas Councilmember Do should be well aware of the horrible suffering, hardship and loss which a large number of Westminster’s citizens have suffered as a result of the actions of the Communist regime in Vietnam.

Whereas, the Communist regime in Vietnam changed the name of the City of Saigon to Ho Chi Minh City in 1975, at the conclusion of the Vietnam War, in commemorate its leader Ho Chi Minh, who is the person primarily identified as the cause of the suffering these Westminster citizens.

Whereas, the community’s hatred of Ho Chi Minh as an individual is well documented, as indicated by the long history of demonstrations which have occurred in Westminster.

Whereas, by way of example, in 1999, Westminster’s population was outraged by a person who intentionally provoked the Vietnamese community by publicly displaying a photograph of the deceased tyrant, Ho Chi Minh.
Whereas, that act of provocation resulted in fifty-three (53 ) continuous days of demonstrations, with more than fifteen thousand (15 ,000) persons demonstrating in Little Saigon;

Whereas, the demonstrations were national news, cost the City over $700,000, and required the services of hundreds of law enforcement officers from multiple jurisdictions in order to maintain the peace and avoid further civil disturbance and unrest;

Whereas, Councilmember knows that the anti-communist sentiments held by members of the Vietnamese American community in Westminster is as strong, if not stronger, than those held anywhere else in the world;

Whereas, Councilmember Do is well aware of the many other demonstrations have repeatedly occurred in the City whenever there is even a hint that the Communist regime may be visiting or otherwise trying to exercise an influence the City;

Whereas, the City Council of Westminster currently repudiates, and has repeatedly repudiated in the past, the current communist regime in Vietnam and any outreach efforts it has made toward the United States or toward’s the City of Westminster;

Whereas, on Wednesday June 5, 2019, Councilmember Tai Do surprisingly issued multiple statements on social media under his “Tai Do Westminster Citycouncil” handle, stating that the City of “Westminster is officially now Ho Chi Minh City;” and

Whereas, the use of “Westminster Citycouncil” handle indicates the Councilmember’s intention to issue these statements in his official capacity; and

Whereas, given the well documented history described above, the statements issued by Councilmember Tai Do were extremely reckless and dangerous to the community, due to the unique impact that he knew those statements have on the Vietnamese American community in Westminster;

Whereas he knew, or should have known, that those statements were likely to lead to confusion, and demonstrations in the community, in that some people may believe that Councilmember Do’s postings, using his official title, represent an official notice that these events are actually occurring, or that some kind of influence is being exerted, which are not true;

Whereas, it is reckless for Councilmember Do to make these kinds of statements, due to the significant harm, confusion and panic to the public, and the demonstrations that are likely to result, and for which the City Police would need to respond;

Whereas, the statements issued by Councilmember Do demonstrate that he is tone deaf as to past sufferings of Vietnamese immigrants, and reckless and irresponsible in light of the responsibilities of his elected office; and

Whereas, Councilmember Tai Do’s misleading statement and conduct has, in fact, caused much consternation and condemnation from the people of the City of Westminster, as well fear and concerns within the Vietnamese-American Community; an

Whereas, thousands of Westminster residents have signed a petition protesting such “official” action by Councilmember Tai Do; and

Now Therefore, be it resolved as follows:
1. That the Westminster City Council expressly repudiates Councilmember Tai Do’s statements;
2. We further condemn such premeditated misrepresentation to the public as harmful to our residents’ wellbeing and disrepute to the integrity of this City Council; and
3. The Westminster City Council hereby assures the residents in the most public way possible that there has been no action taken by this City Council, nor was there ever any intent, to change the name of our great City.

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