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Tổng Thống Biden tiếp tục đảo ngược chính sách của cựu T.T. Trump

President Joe Biden signed an executive order this week to repeal the potential person’s decree to provide federal funds for apprenticeship programs for private institutions, according to  Breitbart.

In 2017, President Trump signed Executive Ordinance 13801 on Industry Recognized Apprenticeship Programs (IRAP). This policy allows “industrial and commercial groups, companies, non-profits, unions, and general labor-management organizations” to organize apprenticeship programs themselves. The aim is to help workers learn the practical skills they need at a lower price than in universities.

Prior to that, the Registered Apprenticeships – RAP program was approved by the government as a part of US labor policy for decades. Under the Obama administration, this project received more funding. But critics say this government-controlled model, run by the Ministry of Labor, and with the participation of labor unions, has hindered the growth of apprenticeship.

Former President Trump’s decree allows industries (and unions) to develop their own apprenticeship programs, which are regulated but not controlled by the government.

The Washington Post, which is not very friendly with the former Trump administration, also reported that this Trump policy has received bipartisan support:

“Mr. Trump signed an executive order seeking to reorient and expand Apprenticeship USA, a funding program previously protected by the Obama administration and supported by Democrats and Republicans.

The government’s goal is to provide more flexibility for third parties – including businesses, trade associations, and labor unions – to design training programs, White House officials said. skills [suitable] for those looking for a job but not yet qualified.

Virginia Rep. Foxx (North Carolina) and a senior member of the House Committee for Education and Labor, opposed Biden’s move.

She pointed out that most of the activities of former Trump’s IRAP apprenticeship program have provided nursing certificates and criticized Democrats for declaring “following science” but restricting nursing certification. of private sectors in the context of a pandemic.

In addition, she also analyzed that Washington should stop intervening in the private sectors and let employers freely build apprenticeship programs that meet their recruitment needs:

“Instead of serving the union boss and increasing Washington’s excessive access to the private sector, we should support and encourage the deregulation of routine [already] procedures,” she said. prevent more employers from filling vacant jobs. Employer-built apprenticeship programs account for more than 80% of all apprenticeship programs nationwide. It is not surprising to see these programs succeed, [because] employers know best what skills their employees need to [become] excellent in the workplace ”.

The White House describes Mr. Biden’s new policy as “expanding registered apprenticeship programs”, aimed at the training of “well-trained, locally diverse workers. choose to join the union ”.

The White House argues that privately-built apprenticeship programs are of lower standards than government-registered apprenticeships and that workers will not receive a salary increase under a government-mandated program, supported by the union.

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